There are many ways to learn different languages, Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, talking to people etc. I will tell you about a few different ways I have tried to learn Spanish and how well they’ve worked for me. I can still barely speak Spanish, practically nothing…  maybe a bit more, oh well.

Numero uno! Duolingo! This is a fun app that teaches you Spanish and is probably the most recommended app for learning a new language on. I used Duolingo for about a month until I lost commitment and stopped using it for a while… The only problem I had with using Duolingo was me being the problem, not being committed enough.

Rosetta Stone, probably the most frustrating thing I have ever used! I don’t recommend it that much but at the same time I still did learn from it a bit. Maybe I needed a higher quality microphone but sometimes the system just could not pick up my voice and would fail me because it couldn’t understand me. On the other side sometimes I could grunt into the microphone not even using a word and it would pass me! So I don’t know how accurate the system was… The only reason I stayed committed to Rosetta Stone was because it was the system I had to use for my online Spanish course.

Taking an actual class is probably the best way as long as you have a good teacher. By taking a class you’ll be able to get proper correction and be able to practice with others and hopefully you’ll help each other out. On the other hand if on the first day of class your teacher says, “I don’t actually speak/know Spanish I’m just here because I was the only teacher that had a bit of experience.” You walk out of that class right away , you drop that class and you demand a real teacher!

Find friends who speak Spanish! they are very fun and you’ll probably never get frustrated with them because they’re moving to fast + they’re free! The only problem with using a friend to teach you is it probably isn’t a scheduled thing and is more like a mini lesson then a full on Spanish lesson. You might end up finding friends that only want to teach you swear words and inappropriate stuff. Don’t get me wrong it’s useful to learn that at some point but you should probably turn your attention to things you’ll use more daily.

Going on exchange! Woohoo! that is the best way to learn a new language no doubt about it! Even though I haven’t done mine yet, many others say it is the best and I’m just a follower. It makes sense though, being fully immersed in the language, being forced to only speak that language, talking to reliable people who fully speak the language. It all just makes sense! The big con is that sadly cost $$$ and you’ll have to leave your life at home for a while. If money is an issue, look at getting bursaries or scholarships!

My best advice for learning a new language is to make sure your sources are accurate and that you commit yourself, unlike me. That was 5 different ways to learn a new language, heck! Combine them all! Then you will be the supreme language speakererrerer. yeaaa…