Ever since I found out I would be going on an exchange and even a bit before that 😉 I’ve been on a grand hunt looking for  information on my host country and looking for other exchange students who have done exchange through AFS, gone to Panama, gone to countries near Panama etc. It’s actually much harder then I thought it would be… Though I still don’t know where in my host country I’ll be living that will be researched right when I find out 😉 I’ve noticed that exchange students who went to Panama is not as a common to find as other Latin countries and of course the very popular ones in Europe and Asia. Nonetheless I will tell you my strategies for finding information on your country and other exchange students!!!

  1. The Many Broad Google Searches I Used

At first I started for just looking at any Facebook page, blog or Youtube video of anyone who went on an exchange through any company found lots of videos and blogs but then I started narrowing my search to just AFS people. Luckily there are quite of few people on Youtube! Your AFS country might even have their own Youtube channel, Facebook Page or Instagram!

2. Instagram Hashtags For Days

I’ve typed in #AFS #AFSExchange #PanamaExchange #AFSPanama etc, and other exchange student related hashtags many times. I also use this strategy to see pictures of what the country looks like with hashtags more related to the country itself. Using these hashtags I’ve found accounts of other exchange students and I’ve found others going at the same time as me and we’ve made a group chat! Our group chat has people from different countries!

3.The Hunt For General Information On Your Host Country!!

Somethings I’ve typed into many Search bars:

Panama School System, High School In Panama, What To Do In Panama, Food In Panama,

Panama Culture, Places In Panama, Famous People From Panama, Panama Holidays,

Panamanian Tag, Panama Fashion, Bloggers/Vloggers In Panama, Youtubers In Panama,

Panamanian Slang etc.

Basically I googled and searched up every aspect I could think of. It’s also very helpful to make the same searches in the language of your country! Ask me if you want more suggestions 😀 *I do not use these searches to form a solid opinion on the country, it’s just to get me really excited for what’s to come but I’ll just have to wait and see!

I’m so excited! 2 week count down!