Today when I woke up and looked at my emails, there I saw it, the email that I have been waiting not so patiently for! INFORMATION ON MY HOST FAMILY AAAHH!! I jumped up and down, I was so excited! Now, time to tell you about them… i’ll go into more detail later when I’ve actually met them 😀

The family lives in the province of Chiriqui in a city near David. The mom owns a small restaurant and has 3 children; ( I don’t remember the exact months they were born) My oldest host brother 18, he likes to play fútbol. The middle host brother is 11, he also likes to play fútbol and the youngest host sister 6 yrs old, she likes to play chess and go to the movies! They also have 1 dog, to bad they didn’t include a picture of it :/ It’s really cool because I’ve never had brothers, younger siblings or a dog, so that’s exciting!

I hope because the mom owns and works in a restaurant that she will teach me how to make all sorts of Panamanian food! Their house sounds very big! I guess it has to be with 3 kids running about 😛 There’s 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, and I get my own bedroom! There is also apparently a large yard, which probably gets more use out of it then yards do here in Canada…

The school that the family wants me to attend is, ‘Instituto Panamericano’ I’m pretty sure that is a private school, which I think is different because most exchange students, I think most go to public schools in Panama.

Overall i’m really happy about my host family and I’m so excited to meet them! Now all I have to do is go shopping for gifts for them! Exactly two more weeks until I’m in Panama!