I’ve finally found what I’m going to give to my host family! It was actually a little harder than I thought it would be because I didn’t want to give them super cheesey Canada gifts where it looked like you were advertising Canada. I also wanted to make sure that the gifts could survive a plane ride and the heat. 
Here is what I got for all of them to share. I know it’s not super Canadian but it was Chinese New Years and those are my favorite candies! I was thinking about salmon but Panama already has a lot of fish so I didn’t know if salmon would be very interesting.

My favorite candies
Here’s what I got for the host mom.

Mug with maple leaf and a cute Canada heart keychain
Here is what I got for the older host brother.

Miniature fútbol for juggling and soccer keychain
Here is what I got for the younger host brother.

First Nations art T-shirt and fútbol keychain
Here is what I got for the little host sister.

A Frozen board game, because she likes Frozen and a cute Canada husky
I’m really excited to meet them! I’ve contacted the host mom on WhatsApp and she’s really nice. She even got me a Spanish tutor I’ll meet with once a week!

4 more days…