Exchange is a big roller coaster of feels, one I have not ridden yet. So instead of talking about the feelings you get on exchange (Will be done later) I will list 21 of the feelings I’ve experienced right before leaving for an exchange, starting from the idea all the way up to leaving.

The “Hey what a brilliant idea” feeling

You’re brilliant what a fun amazing thing to do! You have just discovered what exchange is and you are really interested in learning much more.

The “Google everything” feeling

You realize before you bring the idea to the parental you must know everything and gather all information, also for your own curiosity.

The “Wow! That was shutdown real fast” feeling

Your parent seemed to know exactly what you were going to say before you even stepped into the room! They took your idea and hit the idea out of the park like it was a baseball. Never being able to find that ball again.

The “I’m feeling determined so i’ma go fight for my cause”

You are still stuck on that idea so you go in search for the baseball to bring back to home base. (I know I didn’t even use that correctly so I’m just gonna stop with baseball metaphors…)

The “Agonizingly long wait for a decision” feeling

This time the parental said they’d think about it! Now you must wait, it might only be a day or two but it feels like forever!

The “OMGOMGOMG!” feeling

What!?! Yes!?! parent really said yes!!

The “Thanks for making my odds feel super low parent” feeling

This is when the parent reminds you how low your odds are getting into the program and the cons of running away for a year…

The “Moment you’ve started your application” feeling

You see the nice little application and think “This will be a breeze!” You are now very optimistic with high hopes!

The Moment you see/start the real application” feeling

Your head just face planted into the computer desk when you see how long the application is. You press on working through the seemingly endless application.

The “Finally you’ve sent the application and now are waiting” feeling

After your beard has grown out and you’ve lost your hearing you finish the application and press send! So much relief and weight off your shoulders, you could fly!

The “AFS has finally replied and set a date for the interview!” feeling

Woohoo! Your making progress now the last job you have to do is the interview!

The “I have 10 minutes before my interview” feeling

AAAAAAH!! Did I mention how stressful interviews are for me? if not read my post on how my AFS interview went šŸ˜€ –> Click Here!

The “I have 10 seconds before my interview” feeling

*sobs AAAAAAH!!

The “Relief after the interview” feeling

*Whomp Go do an interview then just plop to the ground, or your bed, or your chair, then you will know the feeling.

The “This is the exact same as #4” feeling


The “#5 but x 1000” feeling

^ I swear I’m not trying to be lazy!

The “This is a very uneventful wait” feeling

You have nothing more to do but just wait for if your host country accepts you.

The “hehehe, kinda knew this would happen” feeling

You’ve been accepted to your host country but you knew at this point that it would happen. A little bit of excitement does happen though.

The “I’m gonna start a blog” feeling

You set out looking for the best method to document your time and share your experiences with the world. You try a bunch of different places but then you finally find one…

The “This is all really happening!” feeling

You’ve hopefully been matched with a host family at this point 1 – 3 months (1 week for me) before you leave, you start to realize you will actually be gone for an entire year! It’s all becoming real very fast! Sometimes nervous, sometimes excited!

The “This IS really happening!!” feeling

Probably 1 week before you leave, you feel like your going to burst with different emotions. You don’t know what to think or what to do!

The “anxious/ excited” feeling

Very similar to the previous feeling but this is hours and minutes and seconds before leaving. You have no idea what to expect of your new family and country but all you know is that this will be an experience of a lifetime!


These are all feelings that I experienced on my journey to become an exchange student. Now that I think about it my parent must have had a very different path of emotions! Probably not as fun as mine due to all the paper work that has to be done, sorry parent!

Thank you for reading!