I went to the most beautiful place I have ever seen I think! A trip organized by a volunteer to Bocas Del Toro! There was probably about 15 of us students who went, it was awesome! The trip cost $200 because we are also paying for the volunteer to go and that isn’t that great… Yes the trip was amazing but it was over priced because you have to pay for the volunteer. The trip included the hostel (Bocas Reef) and activities like traveling to islands, snorkeling and dolphin watching. Sadly food was not included but to keep it cheap everyone bought and cooked together.
May 16, I spent the day with my friends Bella and Judie (Germany) in David, we went to our favorite shop fashion10. Everything is under $10 and its clothes imported from places in the US of things that didn’t sell, so you can find some really good stuff. In the afternoon Bella and I split from Judie because Judie was not going on the trip. We got on a bus to the volunteer’s house where we would meet everyone else. Some people did some last minute shopping for food in the nearby chino to but things like pasta and water. We all slept on mattresses on the ground, well actually we stayed up until we had to leave at 2:00am! Everyone slept on the 5ish hour bus ride. When we got to Bocas we took a boat straight to an island to a beach and spent the day there. At around 6:00pm we took the boat back and went to the hostel. For dinner we cooked pasta. After we did some wondering around looking at vendors then went to sleep before getting up to do some night time stuff…

May 17, We left at 9:00am to a new beach where again we spent another day at a beach where many people went on a tubing ride for $3. It’s very fun to just hang out with everyone just hanging out in the ocean. For lunch we realized everything was expensive 💸because it was a tourist location, we ended up buying $10 pizzas to share. More hanging out in the ocean until heading back to the hostel where we ate??? I don’t remember… Again more night time stuff 😉
May 18, In the morning we went to different beach and hung out chasing fish in the ocean, the. In the afternoon we headed to a new location for lunch and snorkeling.. The fish are amazing! Everyone also worked together for a picture with us spelling out Panama. It turned out so good. We went to a cute restaurant for dinner where they had really good panini type sandwiches or tacos and really good smoothies. We all loved watching the owner (who was from Spain) race out on a bicycle with a basket to buy the bread then race back into the restaurant 😂 night time activities again.

May 19, Off we went to the beach! It may sound boring that we’re spending so much time at the beach but it’s not we’re always at a new beach and with each other so it’s very fun. In the afternoon we went on a boat to go watch Dolphins, it was my first time seeing them! We went to another beach for about two hours before heading back to the hostel. For dinner we made Patacones with salsa. When we were buying the platano for patacones, my friend told me that when she was holding it, a local told her 

“You know you can’t eat that like a banana!” Because platano look exactly like unruled bananas. Then my friend explained she knows what they’re used for. NIGHT TIME STUFF

May 20, we left at 9:00am on the bus and on the way back we stopped at a place for a restroom break, it happend to be really pretty there so we stayed for about an hour taking photos. The bus drivers liked to change the music constantly to bother us, it turned into a game 😝 when we got back to the volunteers house, me and a few others who were not sleeping over because we lived close, headed straight home.


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