Having a new host family in a different area scared me at first because I also knew I had to change schools. I realize this is like restarting an exchange but more prepared so it’s been fun!

A small backstory on me changing families… I asked to change host families a few weeks ago because of various problems with the family and was waiting for AFS to find a new family. I left for Bocas May 16, during my time there my host family found out I reported them for a recent issue because my volunteer asked them about it, that made them extremely angry, so they wanted me to leave the day after I got home from Bocas😱. My host family said they liked hosting me and was happy I was there up until they found out I reported them about the issue. It makes me sad how I had to leave because my goal was to leave the family with them not wanting to kick me out. The evening I got home from Bocas was very scary for me because my host mom (the only parent) was obviously mad and did not acknowledge I was there anymore. My host family may be temporary may be permanent, depending on if they can handle hosting a student because I was such short notice coming they. Overall I’m relived about leaving the other family.

May 21, Because my host mom didn’t talk to me, I wouldn’t have even know I was leaving.  but I only knew I was switching families because I messaged my volunteer asking about if they’ve found a new family for me. My volunteer came to my house at 9:00am in the morning and I was barely ready because my volunteer said she’d come at 4:00pm but my host mom texted the volunteer at 6:00am the next day asking her to come at 9:00pm only 3 hours later, giving me no chance to know because my host mom didn’t tell meπŸ˜‘. My volunteer was not happy because it was such short notice for her also. The goodbye was quick and awkward because it was obvious that my host mom was mad. My volunteer took me to her house and gave me breakfast because I had not had breakfast or dinner the night before. After she drove me to my temporary family! In my house is a host dad and a host mom but the whole family lives in houses right beside each other, so they’re walking in and out of each other’s houses all the time. In another house is a 14 year old (Maria) and is very nice, she does not speak much English. I have 2 older host brothers, one lives in Panama City and the other in Bocas Del Toro. Both of them speak perfect English, well one of them I’ve talked too. The one living in Bocas will visit soon. The parents do not speak any English which is good for me. Meeting the family was quite easy because they were leading me around to meet the family and I knew more Spanish this time! Also, the family gathers and plays Bingo every Sunday πŸ˜‚

May 22, Today I spent a lot of time with Maria, we went to San Pueblo (the center of Boquete) very close to here and got ice cream then we went back to the house and played with Adelita; a 3 year old girl. We watched some TV while eating popcorn, played with Snapchat filters and played a board game; headband a game like charades but in Spanish so I learned some words! My host mom is very good at cooking 😁😁😁

May 23, My host family took me to a waterfall near the house and drove up the mountain it was so pretty! There was also a place where people do outdoor rock climbing! In the afternoon I hung out with Maria and practiced Spanish with the game headband again. 

May 24, Today in the morning I went to a potato farm in the mountain. When we got home I played with Adelita. Because I changed host family right before exams and vacations, I won’t start school again until after vacations. When Maria came home we hung out, ate popcorn and did some salsa dancing πŸ’ƒπŸ»

May 25, In the morning I went to David with my host mom where we did a few errands and looking in stores. When we got back around noon I had a nap until Maria got home. Maria and I went to San Pueblo and looked in stores while she looked for school supplies.

May 30, My host brother from Bocas Del Toro came and he speaks perfect English and so does his daughter (Leona) , she’s only 7! A little jealous 😝 

May 31, I spent the day out with Judie and Bella in Boquete where we went to Katowa. We met two boys and their moms that moved from USA and talked to the sons for maybe 2 hours? It was quite fun. After we bought lunch and ate in the park for a bit then looked in shops. We met a guy from the Netherlands who was sitting with his Panamanian friend who was selling stuff, I bought a hat 😁 The guy and his friend were pretty cool and we talked to them for about 40 minutes. A very fun social day.

Jun 2, Just a lot of hanging out. I climbed the mountain beside my house with Leona and we saw a sloth! In the evening I goofed around with Leona and Maria playing in the yard with a Futbol.

Jun 4, I hung out with Maria and Leona, we painted our nails and did other stuff like chasing each other.

Jun 5, Sadly I left for Agua Dulce (5 hours away) 😞 to another temporary family for a week before I go to live in Chitre.

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