Since it is the vacations the host family in Chitre can not host me until Saturday, that is why I’m in another temporary family. I was really sad to say goodbye to my friends in Chiriqui and I was going to travel to Panama City with them! I was so comfortable with the area and loved living in Boquete for 2 weeks. However I will start a new adventure, so it will be interesting. 

Jun 5, I spent the morning sitting around until 12:00pm, that is when I was told I would move to Aguadulce in 1 hour! The original plan was I’d be hosted in David (Still in Chiriqui) but the family that AFS was going to ask was also on vacation! Because I knew I was moving to somewhere, my stuff was already packed. The afternoon was spent on the 5 hour bus ride from David terminal to the one in Aguadulce where I met the local volunteer and Elena (Italian) . Tomorrow I will hang out with my friend Charlotte (Canada, same friend from Semana Santa) who lives in Aguadulce, at the volunteer’s house where we will then meet Elizabeth (Canada) for the first time. 

Jun 6, Charlotte and I met Elizibeth in the Santiago terminal an hour from Aguadulce spent the day eating and hanging around the mall. After Charlotte and I went back to the volunteers house where we made Poutine for dinner! Poutine is a popular Canadian food with fries, gravy and cheese, soooo good!

Team Canada

Jun 7, In the morning I hung out at the volunteer’s house with Charlotte waiting to go to Penonome with the volunteer and Elena. In Penonome Elena was looking for gifts to bring back to Italy then we ate lunch and looked in more places. While eating lunch I learned about Elena and Charlotte going to Panama City for a few days, I was able to join! (Kinda makes up for not going with my friends from Chiriqui)  Because there are many Chinese in Panama there quite a few stores with Asian products so we went to one and I got some drinks. After we went to a normal grocery store where Elena got real cheese, pretty much every family in Panama does not eat actual cheese but just the plastic kind… So when we ate some of the actual cheese it was amazing!! That night I slept in the volunteer’s house with Charlotte while Elena slept in her house because she lives across the street.

Jun 8, 2:30am in the morning we were outside the house waiting for a taxi! We did the 3 hour bus ride to Panama City where we met the other students; Sophia (USA) Benidetta (Italy) and Pia (Germany) she was the only one I didn’t know. We went and spent the day at a beach until we went and ate dinner. Charlotte and Sophia left to go meet up with some others who also traveled to Panama City (It’s a vacation right now, many students traveled to PTY) Elena, Benidetta, Pia and I walked to a really good ice cream store and hung out there for a while. After we caught a taxi to a friends house where we’d stay for the night. At night we met up with some more Panamanian friends and hung out with them. Because I’m moving to my permanent family in Chitre I only spent the one night in Panama City. So the next morning I traveled home by myself and got ready for moving. It’s Saturday tomorrow!

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