I finally moved in with my permanent family and they seem really nice! I have a mom, 9 year old sister (Tifany) an 18 year old sister (Natalie) and a 20 year old brother (Nestor) I have not met … because she is in the US but she will come back soon. There is a big cute dog named Luna who hates me and barks at me while trying to escape her leash! I’m so sad because I love dogs and never had one hate me 💔  

My volunteer Elba is looking to put me in Colegio Agustiniano Nuestra Señora Del Buen Consejo (Super long name) which is apperently a really fancy private school. It’s odd because AFS says few students are put into private schools unless you’re in Panama City but I know a lot of students who are in private school all over the country. I have already been put in  one and when I found out I was moving areas I asked if I could try a public school. The other 2 students in Chitre go to the public school Colegio Jose Daniel Crespo, so I’ll just see where I end up!

Jun 10, I went with my temporary family in the evening to Chitre, where we went to another family members house. I waited for my volunteer to pick me up there then she drove me to my new family’s house I sat and talked with them until it was late and we went to sleep.

Jun 11, In the morning I played Jenga with Nestor and his friend, I didn’t make the tower fall once! For the afternoon we went to Las Tablas, an hour from Chitre and we got some food and walked around. A neighbor, who is a close family friend is a hair dresser which means I can get a free hair cut! 💇🏻 She was going to cut it this night but it was too late after cutting Tifany’s hair. I spent the time trying to catch frogs with Nestor. I know to a lot of people that sounds gross but… THEY’RE SO CUTE AND FAT!

Jun 12, Normaly I would start school today 🙅🏻 but I’m still waiting… I got up to go make myself breakfast but the door by the kitchen was left open. The dog who chases me has the ability to run in about half way of the kitchen while attached to the leash… So I waited until he was not paying attention to the direction of the door. I ran as fast as I could and closed the door, finally I could make breakfast. The dog actually makes me really scared when it tries to free itself from the leash 😖 For dinner was tacos, I was really happy to eat guacamole! (In my old host family they often served bread and cheese for dinner) At night I hung out with Tifany looking for frogs, I successfully caught 3 into a bucket. 

Jun 13, Today Was a chill day but I wanted to note that I cooked my first omelette for the first time!🍳 I have never cooked before so when I was alone in the house for breakfast, I decided why not try to be fancy. My omelette had tomatoes, onions, cheese and chives. Soooo really proud of myself. On another note, I caught more frogs (I always release them) 

Jun 14,  Maybe I should become a cooking channel on Youtube because I’ve been fooling around with cooking more. Today I made Avery fluffy egg by beating the out of it and cooking it.

Jun 16, I cooked hard boiled eggs in tea for 4 hours to make tea eggs… My friend and I are planning a trip to Panama City and a trip to climb Volcán Baru, a non active volcano. I think Luna is starting to be okay with me, she still barks at me but doesn’t do it as much when my host mom is distracting her.

Jun 18, Saturday afternoon we went to the mall and my host mom bought Tiffany and I ice cream! I love ice cream! At the mall I also bought a cheap cell phone to replace my other one and I got my new school uniform for public school. In about a month I’ll be able to write a comparison of public and private school! We got home and ordered pizza for dinner 🍕🍕🍕

Jun 19, I ended up not falling asleep and just sitting watching YouTube, setting up my new phone and texting to people. It was 3:00am when Nestor and his friends came home. Nestor came to my room and told me to meet his friends, so I talked with them until 4:00am. Luna has almost stopped barking at me, still does but not as much. During the actual daytime I just texted people, I did make a plan to meet my friend Masachika (Japan) at the mall tomorrow.

Jun 20, I had hoped to have started school yesterday but I’m still not! Originally the plan was Masa and I would travel to the mall together after school. My volunteer still hasn’t registered me in school so I met Masa in the mall at 1:45pm. We ate McDonald’s then Masa realized he didn’t have enough money to get a taxi home. The two ATMs in the mall had no money in the, so we walked for 20 minutes outside looking for an ATM. Finally we found one then we went to in a store bought things we needed and walked around some more along the streets. At around 5:00pm we said bye and got taxis home.

Jun 21, IM STILL NOT IN SCHOOL!!! However I found out that they’re now looking to put me in Colegio Jose Daniel Crespo the public school, so I’ll get to to go to school with the other exchange students. In a few months I can write the differences between public and private school.

Jun 23, This evening at around 9:00pm, I went out with my host brother and his friends to a party in Los Santos. There was a lot of people dancing in the street. We hung out at a persons house for a bit where some of them started doing a rap battle, very funny. After we went out and hung around. At 2:00am we went to Pio Pio, a popular Panamanian fast food chain like KFC. Later we ended up driving to random places because they didn’t know where they wanted to hang out; we went to a parking lot, drove up a mountain, stopped at a restaurant, finally we stopped and talked for a while at another persons house. At 4:00am we went back to the streets where people were still partying, we followed their parade for a while. At 5:00am we got home and went to sleep.

Jun 26, Not much happened but we had dinner with our neighbors. First day at my new school tomorrow! I am in 12th grade also known as sexto año.

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