So! Today was my first day of school at Colegio Jose Daniel Crespo! The school day felt super short, because it’s only from 7:30am – 12:30pm, in my other school it was 7:00am – 2:00pm. All the students liked to ask me questions and we’re all very nice. The next day was the final orientation for NH17 (Northern Hemisphere) and mid stay for SH17 (Southern Hemisphere) put together.

Jun 2, I woke up before my alarm, I don’t know if it was because I was excited or because I went to bed at a reasonable time then every other day… I got dresses did all the stuff to make me into Dazzling Drop Dead Gorgeous! Or at least presentable. My volunteer was supposed to meet me and my host mom at the school but she didn’t, so we went to the office and they directed me to my class 12 O The classroom at the very back of the school. On the way to the classroom I there was 2 big fields, the school was built in an 8 so there were two big fields in the centers. When we got to my class some students greeted me right away and I said bye to my host mom. The students (in both my schools) never all rush up at once, I think they know that it would be overwhelming to do that and they are playing it cool although it’s easy to tell, that they’re kinda patiently waiting to approach you without seeming awkward. The students asked a lot of typical questions like: where are you from,?where do you live now? how long are you here for? how long have you been here for? How do you come/leave the school? (I think it’s good to know those questions in Spanish so you’re prepared) It was a lot of just sitting and watching the class until there was break at 10:30am for 15 minutes. Some of the students who had approached me right away and made themselves my official tour guides 😜😅 helped me go to the school store to buy a snack. After it was time to go back to class where I did more sitting (There’s a lot of sitting and watching) In the last class the teacher was extremely interested in me and wanted to hear my English so he got a student in my class who is fluent in English to translate questions, what he did not know is I understood him. When I first spoke Spanish he was like, “You speak Spanish!!!” Big shock to him. After class I talked with the girl who was fluent (The rest are not able to speak much English but it goes to show, there are English speakers all over Panama. I don’t know why so many say that barely anyone can speak?) I got my ride home however on Thursday I need to learn how to take the buss.

Jun 28, Orientation! In the morning I met Masa (Japan) at the mall and we took a 5 min taxi ride to the Hotel Grand Azuero. We got there just before 9:00am but only a few others were there. Orientation was supposed to start at 9:00am but most of the group didn’t show up until 10:00am and the coordinator didn’t show up until 11:30am, cause Panamanians. It was fine we were all talking to and hanging out in the pool.  We started to do actual orientation stuff around 2:00pm; we did a small game of moving water from one bucket to another with a sponge. Once we finished that task we split into groups of the people leaving and us who still have half way to go. We did what we’ve done at every orientation which was look at scenarios in a host family and say if it was an actual problem or not. The others took much longer because they were doing ask e finishing ceremony, I don’t know. After we just chilled until it was time to leave.