Soooooo… I’m back home… Obviously I slacked on writing updates… sorry.

My overall experience sadly was negative in ways, though i’m grateful for the amazing experiences and friends that I had. By the end of my exchange I was eagerly counting the days to go home because I did not want to be in Panama anymore. The problems I found on my exchange was being unlucky with host families and a few problems with volunteers of AFS. Most students experience these problems. that being said AFS programs in other countries seem to be run much better from what i’ve heard from other students.

I’ve already made a post about things I dislike about Panama, so you can read that Here

This is basically to let anyone know that reads these, I still actively reply and will update posts and maybe add a few more posts once in awhile. A future adventure for me is going to University in Japan! I’m also getting an actual camera and video editor in the near future, so wait for more cool stuff! My Youtube Channel